Fast Freight Quotes For Anything being Auctioned!

We Service all 48 States and Canada. No Limits!

We represent Sellers and Buyers from some of the worlds largest auctions including Ebay, Iron Planet, Ritchie Bros and 1000's of private/corporate sellers and liquidators! You find the deals and we ship it cheap!

Welcome to AuctionFreight.Com and Diversified Freight, Inc. We are a one stop solution logistics company servicing the United States and Canada. Our Goal is to simplify the process between Sellers and Buyers regarding the bottom line; What will it cost after it is purchased! We take away the mystery so buyers can bid happy and sellers can make money! We understand that Sellers are always looking to make a profit, and buyers are always looking for the good deal, but the cost of shipping can take away from both parties objectives! We are the final step and provide the most important answer to every seller and buyers question! Get a fast and free competitive freight quote for anything and everything that is sold through Auctions!

Whether you need a freight quote for a full load, LTL/Partial load, or Oversized Machinery and/or Equipment, we will take care of it. All your freight or equipment to be shipped will be covered in full by our insurance with no limitations to match its value. We manage the calls, the paperwork, and the headaches, and you get your freight moved with no hassles at a competitive shipping price!

Fill out your freight quote now and let some of the top carriers in the country compete for your business with Fast Freight Quotes!



Shipping 48 States & Canada

We Ship It All:

  • Full Loads
  • LTL-Less Then Full Loads
  • Oversized & Overweight Loads
  • 500 LB or 200,000 LB (No Limits)

What We Ship:

  • Construction and Mining Equipment
  • Machinery and Mills
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Trucks & Cars
  • Small Palletized and LTL Freight
  • 500 LB or 200,000 LB (No Limits)

Trucks Available :

  • Flatbeds
  • Step Decks w/Ramps
  • Dry Vans w/Lift Gates
  • Hot Shots and Car Haulers
  • Lowboy/RGN/Double Drops
  • 48 States and Canada
  • No Limits

Full Loads, LTL, Oversized Machinery & Equipment. We do it all. All freight covered to full value by our Insurance!

All freight covered by a minimum of $1,000,000 in Liability and $200,000+ in Cargo Insurance with no limits in All 48 States and Canada!